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#NoahsStory - My Grandson

On September of 1994, God brought an angel to me. Her name is Melissa. She had 2 young boys 2 and 4 years old. She had been abused and has no electricity, food or money and she spent most of her nights sleeping in a car with her 2 young boys. It was not in the plan for me to even meet her. I was fresh out of the Military and wasn't looking for a girl with 2 kids and all that came with it.

Well it was God that sent me my Angel. I was young but I knew she was my angel and her 2 boys needed a much better future that was coming fastt at them. We dated for 6 months maybe a year, I'm getting old and don't remember as good as I used too. On December 1995, I went to Kay Jewelers with my sister and bought a ring with all the money I had and asked my angel to marry me. Her boys and her needed this and I did too. On July of 1996, we became husband and wife. And we became a family. I loved the boys and her more than anything. It started out kinda rough, we had little money and it was tough but we ate dinner every night and the kids never needed a thing. As time passed and our love became stronger and I began to make more money - we went skiing, had a jet ski, boat and we were a family.

Around September of 1999, we moved to our first home in Palm Coast. We had a pool and the kids had all they needed and we began to get ahead so to speak. With the kids enjoying school and my angel enjoying a family, things were good. I worked too much but I always had time for the boys and my angel. After several moves in Palm Coast for the better, all appeared to be going well. Around September of 2008, My mother became terminal. We moved her into our home and my angel and the boys spent the next 6 years helping take care of her while I worked 12-14 hour days and we continued to go on trips and vacations.

On November 16th, 2012 - My second angel was born. My youngest son had got a girl with issues pregnant and on November 16th, 2012 - another angel was born. At that time, we tried to help his mother but she left and my son and a lil angel moved into our home with open arms.

About 3-6 months later, I had to make the toughest decision in my life - My wonderful and loving wife could not take care of a newborn and my mother it was just to much. I had to place my Mother into a nursing home and 3 years later she passed. Also, at the same time, My son met another and they moved out of my house and here we are now.

They blame me, they hate me, they are even worse to my angel wife who is battling the fight of her life. I have not seen my Grandson in over 6 years - I haven't seen my son in 5 years - my angel wife has not seen her son or grandson in 5 years.

As far as my Grandson goes, we will see each other again someday. I still love both of my sons and my angel Grandson.

Papa and Mimi loves you Noah and always will. I just pray that I make it long enough to share with you my love.​


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