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Eddie E. Birkett JR

President/Managing Partner

 K-9 Event Specialist / T1 MPC Demo Teams / K-9 Procurement Specialist-Trainer & Handler

Veteran / Owned and Operated


*Not for Hire / Not open to Public*


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[email protected]


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St. Augustine, Florida


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Monster K-9 is an Industry leader in:

* Specialized Corporate, Professional and Personal Security Consulting and Needs Assessments.

*Highly Skilled Contracted Retired Military and/or Law Enforcement Specialists.

*Procurement, Training and Handling the best K-9's in the World.

*State of the Art Technology to include Drone, Flir, Thermal and IR capability.

*Rapid Response Teams available 24/7 - 365 for your security and K-9 needs via Gulf Stream Aircraft.

*Custom Off-Road Rapid K9 Deployment Vehicles equipped with cutting edge technology by Polaris.

*Complete Off-Grid Self-Contained Communications - non-cellular or electrical requirements.

*Working K9 and Rapid K-9 Deployment Demonstration and Promotional event.


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